Who makes these?


Kiss Me Kitty is run by Cristi Howe-Story in Portland, Oregon. She's had a wide variety of jobs in the past, but her five cats recently decided to start keeping her hostage. So, she's finally decided to take some things she's good at and create a business which can be run under feline supervision. She didn't like many of the leggings she found available.  So, being a crazy purrfectionist, OCD type, she decided to create her own! So many people liked them, and told her how happy they were wearing them, that she decided to sell them online. 

Her goal is to make and sell leggings that are both fun and of the highest quality. And of course, the ones you want to wear everyday.

All of the leggings are made of a polyester blend with at least 18% spandex so they have a nice snap to them. Hope you find something you like!  Here is a size chart to make things easy, I don't list the XS or XL so just send me a quick email to see if they are available, most are. cristi@kissmekitty.com


XS        25-26"    34-36"   28"

S          27-28"    37-38"   28"

M         29-30"    39-40"   28"

L          31-33"    41-43"   28.5"

XL        34-36"    44-46"   29"